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Are you passionate about sustainable fashion and want to be part of a positive change? Become Part of the Revolution of True Eco-Sustainable Fashion! 👟🌱

Hi, we are Giulia and Filippo

We founded Steve's in 2022 with the aim of creating high quality Made in Italy shoes with zero impact on the environment. After a year of research and development, we are proud to present a community of suppliers and collaborators who share our values ​​and who work to create unique and eco-sustainable shoes.


We want to demonstrate that fashion and the environment can coexist in harmony, without compromise.

We are convinced that together we can make a difference and build a more beautiful and sustainable future for everyone.

Tutta (o quasi) la Divina Commedia in una Fiera

All (or almost) the Divine Comedy in a Fair

Giulia and Filippo have looked for innovation in the most unthinkable places to make Steve's the most sustainable and performing sneaker ever. They have crossed kilometers of fairs in search of ...

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Cambio rotta: guardiamo i piedi

Course change: let's look at the feet

Giulia and Filippo tell with a touch of humor the effect that Steve's has had on their way of seeing the world. After immersing themselves in the world of sneakers, they started looking at peopl...

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Leaf: lasci foglie nel mondo

Leaf: You leave leaves in the world

Giulia and Filippo discovering the perfect sole for Steve's sneakers. The mission was clear: to create an ecological sole that fits perfectly with Steve's philosophy . After much research and ...

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L'incredibile storia della carta piantabile

The incredible story of plantable paper

Giulia and Filippo tell the incredible story of the latest discovery of their packaging . They have found a recycled paper that is much more than just paper: inside there are plantable seeds that...

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La cura è circolare e ritorna

The cure is circular and returns

Giulia and Filippo reveal the secrets for transforming their packaging into an all-round eco-sustainable product. Find out how, without buying new materials and without throwing anything away, t...

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Giulia and Filippo are grappling with a problem: how to customize their packaging in an eco-sustainable way? After touring various companies, experimenting with innovative techniques such as wat...

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