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Are you passionate about sustainable fashion and want to be part of a positive change? Become Part of the Revolution of True Eco-Sustainable Fashion! 👟🌱



Origin Cherry Tomato - Limited - Steve's SneakersOrigin Cherry Tomato - Limited - Steve's
Cherry Tomato Discounted priceCHF 271.00
Origin Evergreen - Limited - Steve's SneakersOrigin Evergreen - Limited - Steve's
Evergreen Discounted priceCHF 271.00
Origin Snow White - Limited - Steve's SneakersOrigin Snow White - Limited - Steve's
Snow White Discounted priceCHF 271.00
Origin Blue Vanilla - Limited - Steve's SneakersOrigin Blue Vanilla - Limited - Steve's
Blue Vanilla Discounted priceCHF 271.00
Origin Teal Blue - Limited - Steve's SneakersOrigin Teal Blue - Limited - Steve's
Teal Blue Discounted priceCHF 271.00
Origin Black Ink - Limited - Steve's Origin Black Ink - Limited - Steve's
Black Ink Discounted priceCHF 271.00
Origin - Gift Card - Steve's
Origin - Gift Card Discounted priceCHF 270.25


Discover the new Steve's Origin collection, a tribute to the classic elegance of the famous Steve's from the origins.

The Origin collection represents the maximum in eco-sustainability: the details in up-cycled velvet on the bio-leather guarantee uniqueness and elegance, all embellished with our Leaf sole, designed and produced exclusively for Steve's with selected materials , of great quality and beauty, recycled and recyclable.

Steve's Origin is the origin of the new way of thinking about Fashion, where quality, fashion and the minimum environmental impact are harmonized into a single reality. It is the new way of thinking about sneakers, fashion and the world, combining conscious purchasing with circularity and sustainability to which everyone aspires.

Choose the Steve's Origin collection for a fashionable look and to contribute to a better world, forever associating the elegance to sustainability.