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Item: Respond to a need - Respond to the appeal

Rispondere ad un'esigenza - Rispondere all'appello

Respond to a need - Respond to the appeal

Hi Steve's!

I'm Filippo and today I'd like to tell you how we started talking about you again. After more than 4 years of sleepless nights on big projects, in big desks, with big teams and important companies... well... well, I realized this world wasn't for me!

I had to take some time to think about you. First of all, I flew and traveled a lot. Initially in Europe and then in America. I have visited places with incredible landscapes and have been in contact with people from cultures that are very different from my own. These trips have opened my mind and that free space in my head has finally been filled by you.

So I called my sister Giulia and proposed that we start taking care of you together. The call was fun because I thought I had to find valid reasons and explanations to convince her and instead I was very surprised by the fact that she too had had the same idea in mind for some time. He was simply looking for the right moment to communicate it to me.

We'll start at the beginning, reclaim everything that was yours before we started thinking about you again. We will go where you were born and study every detail of yours to make it work even better. We will make you travel just like I did to be able to rediscover who you are, but above all to make you relive even more beautiful, more elegant and of even more excellent quality than you have ever been.

But the problem is, will we find a place that truly represents you, where you can best express all these great ideas that we have in mind?

So that's all for today too.

Hi Steve's

See you next time!

Julia and Philip

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