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Item: The hands that take care of you

Le mani che si prendono cura di te

The hands that take care of you

Hi Steve's!

In these weeks we have embarked on a long and intense journey to get even closer to you!!

We have returned to your birthplace, the Marches, in particular to Monte Urano, which has been your womb and your cradle since the beginning.
Do you know why we figured out why you've always been so beautiful? Because it is enough to look at the hills, the vineyards, the enchanted places, the marine views, to know that your own origins are fed with full hands of all this beauty!

We visited your first factory. And there we met skilled craftsmen who carry the fruits of their labor in their womb, just as they did with you in every process, in every workmanship, in every detail..

But we would like you to be closer to us, your "parents". It is difficult for parents to detach themselves easily from their own creature. Not for a symptom of possession, but because they want to cure her, they want to offer her all the attention so that she grows healthy and strong. It's the same for us too: so this journey will help us to rediscover you and to understand how to transmit the same care of these talented craftsmen, how to reproduce every little and careful phase of your creation in a space closer to us, where we can more easily take care of you.

But there is a problem, will we be able to find other artisan hands, so loving and delicate, so expert and attentive, close to us? Hands that with the same passion, dedication and precision are able to make you so beautiful and preserve your splendor over time?

And finally that's all for today too,
Hi Steve's
See you next time!
Julia and Philip

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