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Item: The cure is circular and returns

La cura è circolare e ritorna

The cure is circular and returns

Hi Steve's!

Do you remember that some time ago we talked about the box that will host you and make your buyers happy?
Yes? Fantastic! Because we have incredible news. What do you think about sleeping next to a small parcel of earth?
Well surely this has never happened to your "colleagues", on the contrary!

Just think what will happen when everyone knows that you share the great values ​​of sustainability and green with the noblest and kindest souls and with the most enlightened minds.
Think a little when they discover your totally green vision and so full of elegance! And think of the great effect that will be generated by knowing that all this is natural in you: the sustainability, the green, the style and the beauty of the shoe are represented by this soft soil, ready to fill the vase made from your box.
Is not it fantastic?
"Born from the earth to support the Earth", they will say of you.
"You weren't made to live like brutes", you'll say!

Steve's, you will begin your life savoring the scent of one of the best grounds you will walk on in your very long life!
It is incredible luck to discover what awaits you in life before you even live it!

Oh yeah, because our goal is to show you how everything circulates and comes back. Just as from that soil colorful and fragrant seedlings can be born that will give new life to the packaging that has kept and protected you.
Our goal is to create a circle of care. Taking care is the watchword. By creating you in a completely green way, we take care of the world. You take care of people's comfort and elegance. People will take care of a box with soil, which becomes a flower vase to enrich the world of beauty.
Isn't that gorgeous?

But... Steve's... um um... it's not like you're going to... how to say? Staying in the box without ever going out for fear of... never stepping on organic and green Made in Italy soil like the one near you for the rest of your life?

That's all for today,
Hi Steve's
See you next time!
Julia and Philip

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