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Item: Sandblasting



Hi Steve's!

It was hard thinking about how to logo the box that will contain you and in which you will rest. There are no eco-sustainable solutions, there are no paints that don't compromise your naturalness...

We went to fairs, companies and contacted a lot of people to find a solution. We don't like to think of you without the logo that represents you. We don't like to give you an impersonal box that doesn't represent you.

So without ever losing hope, together with a dear friend who studied various materials with us for the realization, we met Dani, who together with his team of guys has found a solution for you!!

We were there whole days, until we all managed to sandblast you together: inside a machine that felt like traveling in space, only with air and sand were we able to write your name on your packaging!! We were a team of 6 who worked like a real team! What an incredible experience

But the problem is: won't you just want to go to the beach after seeing and touching all this sand? Your place is the world: city, countryside, sea, mountain. Cosmopolitan!

So that's all for today too.
Hi Steve's
See you next time!
Julia and Philip

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