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Item: Is it so difficult to tell about Steve's?

È così difficile raccontare di Steve's?

Is it so difficult to tell about Steve's?

Hi Steve's!

What a struggle to go around agencies all day. Telling about yourself and making yourself known to marketing and communication experts has now become our forte. Oh yeah Steve's, there's this too. Think: what's the point of being the best sneaker ever if only a few know it or, even worse, if only a few understand it? So charge. Now that the project is very advanced, we have to find ways to make you known to everyone. Everyone needs to know about you, Steve's.
You exist, you are there, you will be produced and sold!

You know what Steve's? We would like to be able to make you speak directly, like this, without filters, just you, in a direct way. Steve's that speaks, the sneakers that speak to the public. Wouldn't it be easier to make yourself understood?
Listen: you are elegant, you are comfortable and you are sustainable. And this is easy for everyone to understand. You are also the greenest shoe ever. But what we really want to make people understand, what is worth getting busy about, Steve's is to make it clear that you are the one who "wears" people and not the other way around. Do you remember John Steinbeck? It was he who wrote: "It's not the people that make the journey, it's the journey that makes the people". We would like everyone to understand the same thing about Steve's. It's you who talks about people, who represents them, who chooses them. All your characteristics mean that only those people so sensitive to beauty, elegance, comfort, so enthusiastic about a 100% green vision are really suitable for you. And you Steve's, talk about them. You represent them fully. But perhaps this is difficult to understand and perhaps this is why agencies are right not to understand you easily?

Come on Steve's, we've heard it all! Really, you know? They wanted to tell you in the most bizarre and disparate ways. They wanted to put your ads on cars. Or they wanted you to wear models that were incompatible with you, like the ones you see in gyms.
Yet we hold on to Steve's.
If you talk about who will wear you, there will be someone who will want to talk about you!
We keep looking for Steve's!

We will find who will be able to tell you as if they have known you for a long time. We will meet those who will embrace your way of walking and make your way into the new world.
Because at the root of everything is your conscious choice of sustainability and your being alive Steve's.
Tell us: how can you not talk about Steve's?

Ehhhh... but how many more agencies will we have to go through before finding one that really understands you?
And then... will we be able to not accept advertising on cars and in gyms?

We will really fight for you to be known for who you really are, with transparency and honesty. You won't receive what truly represents you?
We promise: Steve's, you'll be told how you deserve to be!

And so that's all for today,
Hi Steve's
See you next time!
Julia and Philip

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