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Item: Let's introduce ourselves


Let's introduce ourselves

Hi Steve's

I am giulia.

And I'm Philip!

We already know each other, but we haven't seen each other in a while.

We had a super exciting idea for a new project, do you want to know what it is? It's about you, yes it's about you Steve's : we will make you reborn! And think about it: you will be reborn in Italy, with our values ​​and our all-round sustainable philosophy!

A lot has happened in the last two years, the pandemic forced us into the house and initially thinking about the future was so difficult that you stopped too.

You were born from our uncle's passion for shoes and now we are ready to make you fly more beautiful than ever! Want to know how? Want to know how we'll do it?

First of all we thought about you for several months. We wanted to understand your needs and the characteristics of your market. The thing is, we wanted to go through all of this without ever losing sight of your true nature .

Because your true nature is extreme elegance and versatility. Of course, we have conceived you 100% made in Italy ! Hey Steve's, we are putting all of ourselves into this new venture.

We will dress you with completely natural materials. You will stand on a sole that will look like a cloud! But the most important thing is that we will make you walk in a new world. This is because at the basis of everything there are our conscious choices, guided by the most complete sustainability ! We love Steve's World! For this you will be a Beautiful, Elegant, completely Natural part of our wonderful planet!

Keep reading our Blog, we will continue to talk about how Steve's is being reborn, about the project we are realizing, about the goals, the values, the raw materials, the style... about how a revolutionary and incredible sneaker is born !

Welcome back Steve's!

See you next time!

Julia and Philip

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