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Item: ImPACT Zero+ and trees

ImPACT Zero+ e alberi

ImPACT Zero+ and trees

Hi Steve's!

From the beginning we thought you were different from the others. Not only because we believe in you, but because you will give the world and our planet something more.

You won't just have an imPACT Zero on this planet because you won't exploit its land, you won't pollute its air and you won't waste its water. But it will be Zero+.

Yours was a brilliant idea: in everything you do you will try to create an impact that is Zero, but at the same time you will give the planet something positive (+)!

Think of the projects that you have decided to support for every single Steve's: for every reforestation or conservation project that you support, the goal will be to offset the CO2 produced in the production cycle and the social impact you will have on the local community will be positive.

But the problem is, will people be ready, just like you, to start making a positive impact on the land they inhabit?

And finally that's all for today too,
Hi Steve's
See you next time!
Julia and Philip

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