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Item: All (or almost) the Divine Comedy in a Fair

Tutta (o quasi) la Divina Commedia in una Fiera

All (or almost) the Divine Comedy in a Fair

Hi Steve's!

We are in Milan looking for the right materials to create all your elegance.

We never thought we'd walk so much for you!! Ah! If only we already had you on our feet! These fairs would not have been so tiring.
No, what do you say? We are not two old men. We are Giulia and Filippo, two brothers under thirty who are fighting to realize an incredible project. To produce the most elegant, comfortable, stylish, completely natural and green sneakers ever! But... the kilometers of a Fair are really... the kilometers of a Fair!!!

Back to us Steve's.
Haven't we told you a secret so secret that it should never be written, not even in a blog.
Here it is, it is one of our main objectives. We want you to become the most comfortable and performing sneaker that a human has ever worn on this Earth!! We want whoever wears you to feel truly elegant and comfortable in all situations. We want everyone to express, thanks to you, Steve's, their unique and unmistakable style and their best green version.

And here we are among the stands of these gigantic fairs. Steve's, you are already guiding us in choosing the best sustainable materials to give you all that elegance and pure comfort for which you will be worn and admired. Do you know what we think? Well, we think you're a bit like our Virgil. Guide us in the Infernal Circles (for the kilometres) and Heavenly Circles (for the beauty of the green materials), like Dante's Guide. Without you we would have been lost!!

Anyway... We are out of Hell!
But we're not entirely out of Steve's. To reach Paradise we must do penance in Purgatory. In fact, all the fantastic, comfortable, stylish and absolutely green materials that we have selected... will have to fit you perfectly. And then, above all, you must really like them very much in combination.
What a challenge Steve's. Lead us like Virgil and we will succeed. We will make you and all those who want to wear you happy. That's for sure, Steve's!

And finally that's all for today too,
Hi Steve's
See you next time!
Julia and Philip

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