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Item: Leaf: You leave leaves in the world

Leaf: lasci foglie nel mondo

Leaf: You leave leaves in the world

Hi Steve's!

How much time we spent making the best sole ever conceived!
But now we have decided: you will put your feet and walk on TPU, the best, most comfortable and resistant material ever. And you will admire the simple, clean, stylish and beautiful design of this incredible recycled!

We have always thought that the sole should be one of your distinctive features: YOU WILL LEAVE YOUR FOOTPRINT, not only on the ground, but throughout the world!! Your signature will be all around you, the embossed leaves on the sole will make your walk softer and lighter and will recall the true nature of Steve's.

This is exactly why your sole is called LEAF. Because it's light, because it's natural, because it's particular in every detail, just like the LEAVES.

We've designed and redesigned you, we've raised and lowered you countless times, we've tried to make you slim or sometimes too "pompous"... But... In the end we figured you out: YOU ARE EXACTLY LIKE THIS! You are the sole that will leave its mark!

But the problem is: will you get tired of leaving your mark countless times on the roads all over the world? Start training Steve's, you'll have thousands of kilometers to go!!!

So that's all for today too.
Hi Steve's
See you next time!
Julia and Philip

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