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Item: The magical world of Luigino

Il magico mondo di Luigino

The magical world of Luigino

Hi Steve's!

For once, it was you who introduced us to someone. Well yes, it's really him, Luigino, the creative designer you've already known for some time.

It was a great discovery, we didn't think we would meet so many interesting people in this adventure, but least of all we thought that someone would introduce us!!

It was great to relive you for who you were and who we all three knew for a long time. And then it was incredible to tell Luigino what we had in mind to get you back on the pitch. To bring you newer, more elegant and greener than ever!

A great partnership is developing thanks to you, Steve's. Let's discover the art of pencil drawing, sketches and what lies behind a creation. His hand Steve's is drawing you the best to follow our goals and ideas.

But the problem is, will we be able to channel the "crazy" creativity of designer Luigino and our great ideas to make you more beautiful than ever?

So that's all for today too.
Hi Steve's
See you next time!
Julia and Philip

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