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Item: Genderless



Hi Steve's!

Now that they're getting to know you, questions come up. One of the more interesting ones that concerns you is this: "Are you male, female or unisex?"

Let's say right away that your characteristic Steve's is that you will be of a completely different, new conception.
Who knows if people have noticed a thing about you, in this blog.
You know what? That sometimes we address you in the masculine, sometimes in the feminine.
That's right!

As? As? What do they say about you? That you are "unisex"? Ah what a curious term this... "unisex"!
We have never liked that "uni" so much... "Uni" seems too much of... how to say? "unique" thought, "uniqueness", "uniform", in short, a single thing.
It's not that good... right? What do you say Steve's?
So… here is what we did…

We looked for a more suitable term to define and tell you.
So… let's see… here's what we thought. We thought Steve's should be "Genderless".
Do you understand what it means?

That gender can't be 'one size fits all' and that the specific qualities of the wearer and Steve's herself are highlighted, as opposed to a traditional… gender distinction. Whoever wears Steve's aims to bring out even more, thanks to you, the beauty of his style, his green vision of the world.

Our aim is that Steve's will talk about who will wear you, what it is, its characteristics, without flattening it, without "uni-forming" it.
We have taken the first step: we have left the old term "unisex" to dusty dictionaries, and we have coined a new one, which will better represent you: genderless!

So that's all for today too.
Hi Steve's
See you next time!
Julia and Philip

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