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Item: "False and courteous"? Not the Steve's, not anyone who works with them!

"Falsi e cortesi"? Non le Steve's, non chi lavora con loro!

"False and courteous"? Not the Steve's, not anyone who works with them!

Hi Steve's!

Many times the advice or help of friends prove to be more than useful!!!
In fact, just one of them allowed us to embark on a new journey towards Borgomanero, a beautiful village in our region. And it is thanks to this advice that we have met a new factory that will take care of you!

As soon as we entered we realized we were in the right place: all the artisans treated us as if we were part of the same group. The owner dedicated some time to us and immediately believed in us, but above all... in you!!

So he immediately got to work and together with Luigino - your crazy designer - thought of every little component of yours. So he immediately commissioned his partners, all the materials and all the parts that will be needed to make you alive and authentic again!

You know Steve's? It's not easy to find people so willing to work tiring and difficult materials!
To date, virtually no one has tried. However, we have been lucky enough to find capable professionals and craftsmen who really love new challenges and who believe in the projects of young people like us.

But the problem is: after this transfer, will you become a "false and courteous" Piedmontese or... will you be able to maintain the most beautiful characteristics that you have acquired from the different places that have given you new life?

And finally that's all for today too,
Hi Steve's
See you next time!
Julia and Philip

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