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Item: To share is not to disperse

Condividere non è Disperdere

To share is not to disperse

Hi Steve's!

For days we thought about the right place for you to grow. Reading the newspaper one morning we saw how Alberto Masetti-Zannini (founder and president of Hub Milano) defined coworking "ideas don't arise suddenly, in the heads of brilliant and visionary single individuals, closed to think in the isolation of their rooms. Ideas emerge from a creative dynamic of exchange and connection, born when people meet and exchange ideas and information that they recombine together, until the creative idea is concretely focused.”

So we reflected on the isolation this pandemic has forced everyone into, including you. And you know what we figured out? That the right place should be a space shared by many people. We understood that the contribution to your creation should be brought by many minds and many bodies.

So we wanted to start right from a place that is dear to us, our family library. A library furnished and maintained by our older sister. This library would have been ideal to get the place where all the people we know, students, workers, entrepreneurs would have felt at home. We would work in harmony. But we also wanted to add a fresh twist to library relationships and connections.

Wandering around and browsing through the various Turin realities, we then came across the Talent Garden. Numerous spaces are made available to start-ups, freelancers, investors, media companies and students at the Talent Garden. From that moment we understood that this was the missing piece of our puzzle. The right place to create a corporate community of users, relationships and ideas open to the outside world.

But the problem is, will we be able to keep all the ingenious and creative ideas we have about you in these large bright spaces, full of ideas and people?

So that's all for today too.

Hi Steve's

See you next time!

Julia and Philip

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