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Are you passionate about sustainable fashion and want to be part of a positive change? Become Part of the Revolution of True Eco-Sustainable Fashion! 👟🌱

Let us all do our part, unite for a sustainable future.

Of which:

Science-backed Tonnes

Science-backed CO2 isn't linked to a carbon credit, but nevertheless reliable as resulting from a scientific measurement and estimation of the CO2 tonnes absorbed.

Certified Tonnes

Certified tonnes are CO2 tonnes linked to carbon credits which certify an exact amount that can be offset.

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Life Cycle Assessment

There can be no sustainability without LCA. We at Steve's started right here.

Download the LCA report

Thanks to our partner zeroCO2, a company committed to mitigating the climate crisis and safeguarding ecosystems, we analyzed the production cycle of Steve's sneakers.

The Product Carbon Footprint related to the life cycle
of a pair of Steve's shoes is 4.83 kg CO2 eq.

Through our partnership and our LCA Steve's study, we compensate every single sale of sneakers through funding GFP's high-impact environmental projects .

Buying Steve's sneakers is an ethical choice. Good Shopping Guide is a strong, clear and essential resource that confirms the company's sustainability.


Through the planting project we help regenerate degraded forests to restore biodiversity. Through conservation projects we preserve the Canandè reserve in Ecuador, where one of the five most threatened biodiversity hotspots in the world resides.