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Steve's imPact Zero +


Our commitment to transparency and support for the best sustainability projects

Of which:

Science-backed Tonnes

Science-backed CO2 isn't linked to a carbon credit, but nevertheless reliable as resulting from a scientific measurement and estimation of the CO2 tonnes absorbed.

Certified Tonnes

Certified tonnes are CO2 tonnes linked to carbon credits which certify an exact amount that can be offset.

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Save the Planet - Save Fashion

We are facing the greatest challenge in our recent history: saving the planet from the ecological crisis humanity has generated over the past 50 years.
The fashion industry is the second most polluting on the planet and one of the least sustainable.
Most companies do not share information about the process behind the production of their products.
This deliberate secrecy affects the entire supply chain: from the CO2 emissions generated
during the extraction of raw materials, to the mode of transportation, the workplace and the exploitation of child labor,
to end consumers who lack the tools to make informed and accurate decisions.

Our commitment

Sustainability is a core value for us and permeates every aspect of our business from material selection to packaging, from manufacturing to distribution. We want to be transparent in our processes to give you the opportunity to make an informed choice when you buy a Steve's sneaker.All of this is Project - imPact Zero+: Steve's 360-degree Covenant for the first Zero Impact Sneakers Collection withthe Plus of positive action toward local communities and the planet.

Your choice

Choosing to buy sustainable products is part of an awareness process that benefits not only the environment, but also our health and future generations. One must pay attention to the origin of products by favoring those from responsible and sustainable sources that use environmentally and animal friendly production methods. One must be aware of one's consumption habits and try to minimize them . Avoid waste, recycle and reuse as much as possible the products you already have, being willing to pay a fair price for sustainable products.

Making the conscious choice to produce and then purchase sustainable products takes some effort, but it is definitely worth it for the sake of the environment and future generations.

Choosing Steve's means making the right choice for the environment without sacrificing quality and style.
Let's all do our part, unite for a sustainable future!

The Sustainability Pact

  1. LCA by ZeroCO2
  2. Projects by GFP

Life Cycle Assessment

Sustainability isnot just a slogan to include in one's advertising campaigns, sustainability means first and foremost transparency.
There can be no sustainability without LCA.
Andwe at Steve's started right here.

Life Cycle Assessment(LCA) is an assessment method that analyzes the environmental impact of a product, based on a scientific and systematic approach, throughout its life cycle: from raw material extraction and acquisition, through production, use, and final disposal and waste recovery. The objective of LCA is to identify significant environmental aspects and to assess opportunities to reduce the environmental impact of the product or service under consideration.

Thanks to our partner zeroCO2 , we have analyzed every aspect of the production cycle, from the sourcing of raw materials, their characteristics, production consumption to the product's end of life, including packaging.
Starting with the market launch of the shoes, emissions related to downstream distribution will also be tracked, and the system boundaries updated once there is the necessary data.

zeroCO2 is a BCorp-certified company committed to developing innovative nature-based solutions to mitigate the climate crisis, safeguard ecosystems and support people.

The Product Carbon Footprint related to the life cycle
of a pair of Steve's shoes is 4.83 kg CO2 eq.

"The materials, chosen through eco-design logics, with a high prevalence ofnature-based biopolymershaveled to excellent results from the point of view of the product's environmental profile. Exclusively through the use of vegan bio-skins produced from by-products of fruit processing, it is possible to reduce the product's impact by 47 % compared to animal skin.The other relevant element concernstheproduction stages and suppliers, which are located exclusively within national borders . This results in transport-related emissions being very low compared to the market standard.The impact benchmark* in terms of carbon footprintrealizedon the basis of an analysis carried out by MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and a major European study gave an average impact value of 12.1 kg of CO2eq.
This means that Steve's shoes have an impact in terms of emissions 60 % lower than the market standard."

Read our full LCA report

Projects by Green Future Project

Green Future Projectisa B-CORP-certified company that provides opportunities for companies and individuals to make a positive impact on the climate. With a portfolio of high-impact projects, Green Future Project offers the opportunity to finance the regeneration and conservation of nature reserves, the development of renewable energy facilities , and the regeneration of marine habitats.

Through our partnership and study of our Steve's LCA,we compensate every single sale of Steve's sneakers through funding GFP's high environmental impact projects . Through the interactive widget anyone can find out in real time how the environmental impact of every single Steve 's is reduced.

Learn about the projects we support
with the purchase of your Steve's


Through the planting project we help regenerate degraded forests to restore biodiversity. With the Ecommerce and Bees app, planting takes place at the Vilamatsa site and with the Climate Positive Subscription solution at the Marovolavo site; both sites are located in Madagascar.

The Regeneration project makes it possible to restore terrestrial and marine biodiversity , absorb CO2 and concretely help local communities by involving them in planting, mangrove management and offering them long-term employment.


Through conservation projects we preserve the Canandè Reserve in Ecuador, home to the Chocó that is one of the five most important and threatened biodiversity hotspots in the world. We also help conserve and protect the Narupa Reserve, part of the heart of the Amazon and home to many endemic species.

The conservation project ensures the defense of biodiversity hotspots, the prevention of illicit timber trafficking, agricultural expansion and CO2 release. In fact, tropical forest clearing causes 23% of global carbon emissions. Through direct support and collaboration with NGOs, local people, and the use of advanced technologies, we are able to preserve these biodiversity hotspots for the long term.


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