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Item: The incredible story of plantable paper

L'incredibile storia della carta piantabile

The incredible story of plantable paper

Hi Steve's!

You are a continuous surprise!! We didn't believe there was a recycled paper made of plantable seeds. Have you ever thought about it?

What better material and place where you can tell the whole world about yourself and your philosophy? What better material and place to connect with nature once again? If not create a package intended to be "planted"?

Precisely during our long and demanding research we have discovered a perfect product for you, for your philosophy, for your style. Yes, it is precisely the "plantable" paper that we will use for the brochure inside the packaging.
This card is made up of plantable seeds. And do you know what we decided? Listen up and tell us if it's not a great idea! People, picking up the brochure that contains instructions on how to use it, will be able to plant it inside your own box. Think of those amazing aromatic plants that will grow thanks to you!!

And then it will never have been more beautiful than this to plant seeds: because they won't be simple seeds inserted into the box, as we told you at the beginning, after going to the Lecchese Scatolificio. They will be just seeds stuck in the same brochure that will tell about you. And they will produce seedlings from those very letters and words that TALK ABOUT YOU, STEVE'S!

But the problem is, will everyone have a green thumb and the patience to see these aromatic plants grow? The answer is YESYYY! And do you know why? Because there is not only the "thumb", but also the index, middle and ring fingers... and everyone has two chances. It is not possible to make a mistake. Everyone will love the scents of your seedlings!

And that's all for today too,
Hi Steve's
See you next time!
Julia and Philip

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